Book quilt

Discover unique and charming book quilt designs to add a touch of literary charm to your home. Get inspired and start creating your own book-themed quilt today!
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This ‘book nerd quilt’ is such a great pattern to let your own individual style shine - travel around the world, bury yourself in the classics, whip up the romance or make a book cover that might inspire you to write a book of your own someday.

Paige Ivy
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I want to make a quilt. In the past, I made My Handsome Man a T-shirt quilt , but this time I want to make a quilt for me. I have thought a lot about quilts. The time and effort that goes in to making one makes them a labour of love. You can find baby quilts made out of baby clothes, quilts made by

Mona Burtz
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Going to sleep under your average, run-of-the-mill, storebought duvet feels nothing like snuggling under an artistic quilt that you or your loved one made for you. With affection. With care in every stitch. With countless hours of skill and dedication.

Jessica Faith