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10 Fictional Characters You'll Relate to if You're an INFJ - Psychology Junkie Elizabeth Bennett, Kiera Knightly, Darcy And Elizabeth, Lizzie Bennet, Pride And Prejudice 2005, Keira Knightly, Elizabeth Bennet, Matthew Macfadyen, Mr Darcy

INFJs love stories, and we especially like the stories about characters we can relate to. Because INFJs are such a rare personality type, we don't often look around in real-life and find people that we identify with as being like us. For many INFJs, discovering their personality type is a wonderfully affirming moment. It tells

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17 Books To Read If You Like 'Harry Potter' & Miss The Wizarding World | Romper Harry Potter Books, Hermione Granger Study, Hermione Granger Aesthetic, Hermonie Granger, Hermoine Granger, Emma Watson Harry Potter, Hogwarts Aesthetic, Harry Potter Hermione, Harry Potter Birthday

While I am a huge advocate for re-reading the Harry Potter series as the rest of your library gathers dust, I can also admit that there are some other incredible books to read if you like Harry Potter and miss the series like crazy. The world of…

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