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Find the perfect bonsai tools to create and maintain your own miniature masterpiece. Explore a wide range of high-quality tools designed for bonsai enthusiasts of all skill levels.
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Bonsai Techniques Toolsby Lew Buller Over a period of about 10 years, I spent the better part of $1,000 on tools. It sounded better if I told my wife I was spending only about $100 a year on tools.You don’t need every tool in the catalog all at once; you need to acquire tools only as you are acquiring trees that require new skills and therefore need new tools.You don’t need to...

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ThinkBamboo Bonsai 6pc Shear and Brush Set * Click image to review more details. Bonsai Tree Care, Bonsai Tools, Garden Scissors, Bamboo Brush, Bonsai Styles, Indoor Bonsai, Artificial Boxwood, Metal Tools, Garden Hand Tools

BambooMN 5 Piece Bonsai Sheal Tool Set, Concave Cutter, Knob Cutter, Bonsai Trimming, Beginner Friendly - 1 Set

About this item FOR EVERYONE Whether you're just starting to get into Bonsai or already a Bonsai enthusiast, this is the perfect set for anyone. It also makes the ideal gift for anyone that is looking to start bonsai. CONTENTS Each set includes 5 tools for bonsai trimming: 8" Concave and Knob Cutters, 7" Heavy Duty Shears with 2" cutting edge, 7.5" Trimming Shear with 2" cutting edge. STRONG & DURABLE These traditional-looking hand forged bonsai tools are constructed from high quality carbon…

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