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Hi loves! I am so thrilled to introduce you this exclusive Style Guide - part 1, which is made only for you! It took me some time to create it because I wanted to have it perfect. It's very easy to use - just print all materials and follow my steps! The guide includes everything important - how to find your body shape and how to dress it (plus my drawings and useful tips). In my opinion, finding the right body shape for you is an imperative and first step in terms of personal styling. You…

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I've recommended InsideOutStyle blog to you a couple of times...and here is a good reason why. When you're looking for information on what styles look best on your body shape, Imogene Lamport, from InsideOutStyle, is the lady to ask. Here's a great and very informative chart on how to recognize what your body shape is and what style of pants would suit you best. If you'd like to read more about how to analyze your shape, please click through to this page. And from there, you know how easy it…

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Necklines play an important role in anything you wear. The right necklines can make you look slimmer and create a balance for your body shape, and the wrong ones do exactly the opposite. In this detailed guide, we'll first help you understand the unique body features of the rectangle shape, and then walk you through everything you need to know about choosing necklines.

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