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She was the Black Actress Who Refused to Pass Backyard Dinner, Mississippi Blues, African American Actress, Bohemian Print Dress, Harlem Nights, Sonny Boy, Lena Horne, Juke Joints, Adam Clayton

She was the Black Actress Who Refused to Pass

Fredi Washington In 1934, a young woman stepped off the train in Los Angeles’ Union Station. Even in a city swarming with beauties, eyes would’ve fastened on her. She was astonishingly lovely — tall and lithe, with dark glossy hair she wore pulled back in a style that offset her porcelain skin an

Antoinette Goodwine
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A Rosa Parks of the Seventh Ward - Bernice Delatte (1943) - CreoleGen

On Sunday, July 11, 1943, seventeen-year-old, Bernice Delatte (a recent graduate of McDonogh No. 35 and a resident of 2116 Law Street) found herself on her way to Lake Pontchartrain for a pleasant swim, accompanied by her sister, Doris Delatte, and friend, Evelyn Segue. As the bus they were riding approached Franklin Avenue and Gentilly, […]

Cynthia Mason