Birth doula

Enhance your birth experience with the support of a professional birth doula. Learn about the many benefits of having a birth doula by your side and ensure a positive and empowering birth journey.
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What's in my birth doula bag? - Savor It Studios

Every doula will tell you that the most important thing she can bring to a birth is her heart, her hands, and her loving presence. But we also carry a doula “bag of tricks” to help comfort, guide, and facilitate labor as needed. Sometimes I use everything in my bag, and sometimes just a few […]

Emily Bushman
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How to Afford a Doula

“Are you going to hire a doula?”Some women that get this question answer, “I would love to hire a doula but they are so expensive.”I want to walk you through some of my thoughts when I hear this excuse as well as some ways to afford a doula! 1. Priorities: You probably know all of the benefits of having a doula but I’ll go over just a few anyways.Doulas reduce: • C-sections by 25% • Need for Pain medications by 15% • The length of labor by 41 minutes • Dissatisfaction of birth experience by…

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7 key questions to ask during a birth doula interview: topics and questions to help you find the perfect birth support Doula Consultation Questions, Doula Information, Questions To Ask Your Doula, Doula Interview Questions, What Is A Doula, Doula Pictures, Doula Aesthetic, Black Doula, Postpartum Doula Business

7 Key questions to ask the doula you are interviewing

7 Key topics to discuss at the interview with your birth doula. Learn important questions, ideas, and topics to talk to your potential doula about. Get the vital information that will help you find the perfect fit for your family and how you would like to birth!

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