Bifold doors makeover

Give your space a fresh new look with a bifold doors makeover. Explore top ideas to enhance your interior design and create a stylish and functional space.
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How to Turn a Bi-fold Door into a Barn Door

I’m frequently asked how we updated our bifold doors into single doors so I put together this tutorial. Our bifold pantry door was the most asked about since we created a DIY faux barn door look. Watch the video for more tips to turn a bifold closet door into a single door. This update is so cheap and easy, you will be wondering why you waited to so long to update to single doors Instead of bifold doors.

Carson Jean
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Converting a Bi-Fold Door

I’ve never been a fan of the bi-fold doors on our bedroom closet. My biggest complaint is that when the doors are open, as you see in the second photo, portions of the closet are almost inaccessible. And with two vain men sharing one small closet, we need all the space we can get! Rather than install new doors I decided to convert these bi-fold doors into swing-out doors.

Bev Garrett