Barbie box

Enhance your child's playtime with these creative Barbie box ideas. Discover unique ways to create a fun and imaginative world for your child's favorite dolls.
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I'm a Barbie a Barbie box!

This DIY has probably been the most requested project I've ever had. I made this Barbie inspired box a couple years ago and was able to remake it this time so you can DIY it! I often have a difficult time translating projects I do into DIYs. I usually figure them out as I go, so I forget to capture every step. Since I usually work at a large scale, remaking them takes some time and SPACE, but I'm SO HAPPY I had the opportunity to remake this box!

Yanileidy Rodriguez
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9893 likes, 91 comments. “Barbie box is the LIFE ✨ of the party 🎉 —Materials needed: Box 24 x 24 x 48in Box cutter Ruler Hot glue Pink paint (and a little roller) Stickers and any details that you want to add to your box. Like glitter, trim tape, metallic tinsel foil etc. Let's get the party started! 💜”

Lisa Mayancsik