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Indulge in the mouthwatering world of bakery stores and discover top ideas to create your own sweet haven. Find inspiration to bake and decorate delicious treats that will leave your customers wanting more.
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The Original Bakery in West Seattle

My current favorite bakery in West Seattle. Right by Lincoln park, The Original Bakery is quite literally the first bakery here. It is unpretentious, traditional, and SO good. The decor is unintentionally quirky, the pastries and breads are classic, and the coffee is perfect. Such a good spot to people watch and get a sugar/caffeine fix.

Danielle Kemp Nelson
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The New Bakery

Hooray! We did it! Well, the new bakery is finally up and running and I have finally had two seconds to sit and think about something other than the bakery like blogging about the bakery, hahaha! I can officially, without doubt, state that this past month has been the absolute hardest month of my life. Harder than the first month after giving birth to Lawson, harder than the first month of being pregnant, harder than anything I have ever been through. Not only did Prescott and I build a…

Ruchi Rana