Bad art

Unleash your creativity with these unique and eccentric ideas for bad art. Explore unconventional techniques and embrace imperfection to create truly one-of-a-kind masterpieces.
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10 Horrific Pencil Art That Will Keep You Up At Night

Horrific doesn't always mean bad. I know we use horrific when something is really bad but the following art pieces are actually quite great in an unsettling way. However, I wouldn't want to put one on my wall because I'd have to see it every day and I might get nightmares because of it. If

Ksenija Kostygova
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Bad Hair Day! (2nd)

I'm pretty sure everyone has done a variation of this project.. but oh goodness it can be used to talk about so many different things! Symmetry, line types, drawing what you see (observational drawing) not what you think you see, details, color, etc. I used this project as a two day extension to my symmetry unity! We began by reading the book "The Colors of Us" by Karen Katz and discussed how we are all different variations of the color brown (something we identified as being "neutral…

Cathy Bailey-Reid