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Learn how to prevent and treat back injuries with these effective tips. Protect your back from injury and maintain a healthy spine for a pain-free life.
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Twenty-four vertebrae comprise your spine. Your spinal column is your body's principle support structure that allows you to perform numerous movements, including bending and twisting. Nerves, muscles, ligaments and tendons contribute to a healthy spine. Nutrition supplements may help treat spine-related conditions and improve your spine health,...

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Essential Back Rehab Strategies Category C Hip and Upper Back Mobility | Strength Mobility Now that we have re-established stability in Part 1 and started strengthening the erectors, hips and hamstrings in Part 2, we will begin to improve our hip mobility and upper back mobility. It is important for…

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What is the Rotator Cuff in the shoulder? The rotator cuff is a group of flat tendons, which fuse together and surround the front, back, and top of the shoulder joint like a cuff on a shirtsleeve. These tendons are connected individually to short, but very important, muscles that originate from the scapula. When the […]

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It’s frustrating when an injury sidelines your workout routine. And once you’re ready to get back to it, you don’t want another injury to sideline you again. Follow these easy tips to ensure that you get back into shape as quickly and safely as possible.

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