Ava Gardner

Explore the life and career of Ava Gardner, the enigmatic beauty of Hollywood's golden era. Learn about her iconic films, captivating charm, and lasting legacy.
The Mahogany Stylist: Chic Chapeaus - Hats Are Back in Style! Ribe, Ava Gardener, Photo Glamour, Stars D'hollywood, Jemima Kirke, George Peppard, Jacqueline Bisset, Yvonne De Carlo, Fan Bingbing

Gene Tiernery - Hollywood Legend from the 30's and 40's Great matching hat and purse Ava Gardner - Hollywood Legend from the 30's and 40's Back in the day, women almost always wore hats and gloves in public. It was an essential part of getting dressed to leave the house. Over time, that all changed. Nowadays it is rare to see women wearing hats in church. Since the courtship of Prince William and Kate Middleton there has been a resurgence of hat-wearing. Last year, our church Unity…

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