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Elevate your party with stunning Asian decorations that will transport your guests to another world. Discover top ideas to create an unforgettable experience for your next event.
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This fabulous JAPANESE OMBRE BIRTHDAY PARTY was submitted by Sarah Osmotherly of Sugar Coated Mama. What a gorgeous party! I love all of the bright accent colors used throughout it. I especially love the the fun banners, origami cranes, and hanging lanterns; they are so fun and festive! This party has so many spectacular ideas that you could use for a tween or adult birthday party, Japanese Dinner Party, or a Japanese Themed Shower. The Japanese party ideas and elements that I like best from…

Maruk Dx
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It comes a time when you feel you have exhausted your creativity in coming up for birthday themes. I'm not sure if I was just feeling non creative but this one was hard. I was almost ready to call it and just have it at pump it up (but everyone knows I can't do it). Then walks in Patrick in his Tae Kwon Do suit and it hit me...Let's go Asian!!! Okay, okay I mean let's do a Martial Arts party, but for me the decoration came before the real kids theme. Even though he practices Tae Kwon Do, I…

Esperanza Olivas
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Bring spring indoors all year round with DIY Japanese cherry blossom trees, also called sakura. During the final week of March and the first few weeks in April, these special trees explode in pale pink blossoms down to the tip of every branch. While it might be difficult to see the actual trees at their peak, you can easily make your own version using a few supplies (like napkins and paper towels) you already have around the house and a quick trip to the backyard or park.

Christy Toste