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Embark on a journey to discover the captivating world of ancient Persian civilization. Learn about their art, architecture, and fascinating traditions.
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Roman Emperor Philippus The Arab Kneeling In Front Of Persian King Shapur I, Begging For Peace, And The Standing Emperor Represents Valerian Who Was Taken Captive By The Persian Army In 260 AD, The…

Since our school days, we were taught that god is in the details and that everything depends on the perspective. This is especially true if we look at the study of the ancient human past through material remains.

ArtStation - Gordafarid ( princess of persia ) ancient warrior , Saeed Rashvand Persian Women Princesses, Shahnameh Characters, Iranian Mythology, Ancient Character, Persian Mythology, Persian History, Ancient Iran, Amazons Women Warriors, Ancient Persian Art

Gordafarid ( princess of persia ) ancient warrior , Saeed Rashvand

i ve done this character for character film vfx production challenge in artstation based on my own phase 1 challenge for ancient character all symbols and embeds belong to ancient Iran (Persia ) Sassanian emperor and based on real historical refrences.

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