Ancient letters

Explore the rich history and cultural significance of ancient letters. Learn about the different types of ancient writing systems and the stories they tell. Uncover the secrets of the past through these intriguing relics.

The Daedric alphabet is found all around Nirn, mostly in ancient books like The Bible of the Deep Ones and The Tome of Unlife. Also, the Dunmer people of Morrowind seem to use Daedric symbols in some of their writings, often as names of locations written on banners. There is no Daedric language, a common misconception; only Daedric letters substituted for their Tamrielic equivalents. Some may refer to the Daedric alphabet as a font, but most Daedric letters are too dissimilar to be…

Aysun Ileri
Mana runes V2 by MMan222 on DeviantArt Lightning, Alchemy Symbols, Rune Symbols, Magic Symbols, Runes, Element Symbols, Ancient Symbols, Symbols And Meanings, Fired Earth

Description You may remember the runes from a while back when I first introduced them. If you're interested in the long-winded explanations of each discipline, you can find them on the old deviation here. This is partially the product of my Macroeconomics class, where I started doodling my own runes out of boredom. The ones I was using previously were someone else's brush set, and those were the inspiration for my own runes here. As these runes are of my own creation, and specifically for…

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