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30 Pics Of 3D Street Art That Interacts With Its Surroundings, Created By Caiffa Cosimo Pavement Art, Murals Street Art, 3d Street Art, Illusion Kunst, Street Art Illusions, معرض فني, Urbane Kunst, Sidewalk Art, Amazing Street Art

Street art has had a bad reputation, some people even think it's a crime, but there are some amazing artists out there who transform empty walls and spaces into works of art. That’s exactly what Milano-based street Artist Cosimo Cheone Caiffa does, but with a twist. He creates amazing 3D interactive pieces that look stunning.

Gil-li Banat
Pavement Art, Street Art Utopia, Street Art Illusions, Grafitti Street, Urbane Kunst, Sidewalk Art, Street Mural, Urban Street Art, Amazing Street Art

The streets of cities can be quite boring and dull. That's why it's fun to see them being brought to life by amazing and creative street artists. Not all people love graffiti, but it's difficult to not like these unique and magnificent creations by Pierrot (Scaf).

Beverly Lackenbauer
3d Street Art, Pavement Art, 3d Murals, 3d Graffiti, Street Art Banksy, Sidewalk Art, Street Mural, Street Painting, Amazing Street Art

Sergio Odeith is a Portuguese graffiti artist known for his highly realistic and three-dimensional murals. He has gained international recognition for his ability to create the illusion of objects appearing to pop out of the wall or street on which they are painted. Odeith's work often incorporates elements of surrealism and visual puns, and he has painted murals in locations all around the world!

lynn keller
3d Street Art, Pavement Art, 3d Art Museum, Street Art Illusions, Grafitti Street, Sidewalk Art, Street Mural, Street Painting, Amazing Street Art

I'm not always onboard for graffiti or "street art" as the artist staring down their nose at me would say. But Instagram user SCAF is shaking up the street art world with designs that are not only incredible, but they utilize their surroundings in ways I never could've ever imagined. Check out some of his…

Liz Chase
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Today I will show you more than 50 inspirational, amazing, incredible street art installations and outdoor murals. These murals will absolutely inspire you and amaze you. I hope you enjoy looking through these street murals. Have fun.

Κωνσταντίνα Τάκη
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Street Artist Chemis By Chemis in Plzen, Czech Republic for Wallz Festival DEPO2015. Chemis: This painting is inspired by the history of the house in Jateční Street in Pilsen, which was used for housing low-income families and was notoriously known as the Romani ghetto. These socially excluded areas are like a vicious circle, which seems to be a…

Lieve De Geyter
New Installations by Seth Globepainter Explore the Innocence and Wonder of Childhood | Colossal 3d Street Art, Street Art Utopia, Pavement Art, Seth Globepainter, Illusion Kunst, Street Art Illusions, Urbane Kunst, Tableau Pop Art, Sidewalk Art

French artist Julien Malland aka Seth Globepainter (previously) continues to create childhood-inspired interventions around Paris and the world. Earlier this year he had a major museum solo show at MoCA Shanghai which included elaborate sculptures and site-specific installations. He also painted one of his largest pieces to date on the banks of the Seine in Paris, and took part in a creation associated with the upcoming museum of street art at the Mausa Vauban. More

Melissa Gamez