Addition facts

Learn and practice addition facts with these engaging strategies that make math enjoyable. Boost your skills and confidence in addition with these effective techniques.
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We are taking a slight detour on our current focus on subtraction to let you know that we have just listed a new pack of addition games to help students become familiar with addition facts. These 5 games will help your sweet friends practice single digit addition, with fluency, from 0+1 to 9+9. Students begin fact fluency memorization when they have mastered strategies for addition. These games are brightly colored for engagment, require no cutting - print, laminate if desired and you are…

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While basic addition is introduced in Kindergarten, first, second, and third graders often need intervention for strategies. Having a toolbox full of addition facts strategies will help make the students more comfortable adding which can lead to fact fluency.

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These superheroes have superpowers! and the superpowers are the mental math strategies! Your students will love gaining their superpowers as they learn to apply the strategies! I created this set of games because we all know. . .'worksheets do not grow dendrites'! These engaging games based the the mental math strategies do create dendrites as connections […]

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