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A old friend of mine Scott Prince, has recently joined Flickr and got in touch. Not seen Scott for about 10 years or more. We grew through our mid teen years together with Richard Prescott, Pete Lane and Shaun Atkins listening to a lot of Heavy Metal, mucking about and having a laugh. I have been wondering where these photos were since Scott got in touch and found them in the loft tonight. I was the only one out of our jitter gang not to go to Lockleaze and I had to trod off to Whitfield…

Taylor MacPherson
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A Snapshot Explosion of Big Hair and Boozing In the 1980s - Flashbak

In the 1980s, Barcardi rum was the most popular distilled drink in the USA. Rum, the drink of old tars, pirates and last resort, was the tipple Americans most wanted. A drinks trade expert explained why rum was Number 1 in ’81: “Rum is vodka with a sweet taste, whereas vodka has no taste. … Continue reading "A Snapshot Explosion of Big Hair and Boozing In the 1980s"

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McDonalds worker in the early 80's

"Yes, I'd like a box of McDonaldland cookies......I love your smock!" This was taken in the Mcdonalds in downtown Spokane..the one that was on Riverside...my brother had worked there, and took a bunch of photos....going through his box of photos, I found he took so many pictures of nearly every place he lived, worked, people he knew, cars he drove, etc....it's overwhelming. A lot amuse me, like this girl and her hair....and 40 cents on the register?!? I still have a Mcdonalds paper hat and…

Ashley Brown