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Discover the endless possibilities of 3D printing and bring your imagination to life. Find top ideas and tips to unleash your creative potential with a 3D printer.
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Nearly all Original Prusa i3 3D printers have a spool of filament placed in the original holder on the frame. This solution is trouble-free, practical, functional and mobile. However, if you want to print from special materials, which are hygroscopic, you...

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Meet DittoPro, the long-anticipated addition to the Tinkerine family. Being the big cousin of Ditto+ and Litto, DittoPro not only stays true to their high standards in performance, aesthetics, usability and affordability, but also raises them tenfold. Designed for professionals and consumers alike, this is a printer that is truly timeless and accessible to the …

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Picture of How to Create a Large 3D Printer using a Smaller 3D Printer - Large 3d Printer, 3d Tiskárna, 3d Printer Machine, Drukarka 3d, 3d Printing Machine, 3d Printing Business, 3d Printer Designs, 3d Printing Diy, 3d Cnc

How to Create a Large 3D Printer Using a Smaller 3D Printer - "Project Locus": From those that own 3D printers, to those who simply are just curious about their capabilities, one topic that comes up rather frequently is the idea of "Printing another 3D Printer". Now this may not be 100% possible when considering components suc…

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Recycle Plastic Into 3D Printer Filament at Home: 3D printing is very exciting technology as it reaches the home scale but using brand new filament was not acceptable to me as it would just increases the plastic waste amount on the planet. I started to look for a way to turn plastic scraps around m…

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