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Why Joining an MLM is a BAD idea
MLMs are touted as empowering women when they actually take advantage of women and especially women in marginalized communities. Learn more in this episode with Jane Marie.
a person holding a piggy bank with the words what are sinking fund? a beginner's guide
What are Sinking Funds?!
Meet one of the simplest personal finance savings tools –– sinking funds!
a group of people holding signs with the words, intersectional personal finance what it is and why it matters
Intersectional Personal Finance
Let's talk about how to be intersectional in our financial feminism...
someone holding their hand in front of fireworks with the words 5 steps to better finance in 2012
5 Steps to Better Finances
Are you ready to revamp your financial habits in 2022? Follow these 5 steps that will help improve your personal finances in 2022.
a person typing on a laptop with the words review chime credit builder above it
Building Credit
Wondering how to build credit? Chime has launched their Credit Builder, and we’re reviewing the card and helping you decide if this option is right for you.
a statue with the words how to practice feminist investing
Financially Feminist Investing
Fierce, financially free, and feminist AF –– supporting women with your investing portfolio.
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Free Goal Setting Workshop
Want to set goals you'll *actually* accomplish in 2022? Check out this guide + free worksheet!
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Increase Your Credit Score
Take your credit score to the next level with this short episode!
a woman pouring wine into a glass with the words staying connected as a remote team at hotel interurban
Staying Connected as a Remote Team
Do you run a small business with a remote team? Here's how we're staying connected at Her First $100K!
Save money on period products with Thinx Underwear
https://www.shethinx.com/pages/leader-toridunlap?fbclid=IwAR0iql_6zNPoHGbnxK6Zy-bsGi_aGUOWYctWW6A_f4R6HUdJ3JsiR0FXVV4 period underwear | thinx review | thinx underwear | period tips | period favorites | period products | period hacks | working out on period | tampon alternatives | period pad alternatives
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5 Ways to Save Money This Holiday Season — Her First $100K — Millennial Money Speaker and Coach
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Master Your Money Course
Master Your Money is an 8 week, all-you-can-eat online course to finally get your financial shit together—with the psychology tools you need to get your self-sabotaging brain on board Her First $100k | millennial money tips | millennial money management | money tips | money advice | personal finance | millennial money lessons | personal finance course | budgeting course | how to budget | how to save | how to get out of debt
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Tori Dunlap — Money Expert
Photo by Tori Dunlap — Money Expert 💵 Lizzo | Lizzo memes | money meme
How to buy house plants on a budget
• Buy plants off of Etsy. Not only are you supporting a local business, but the plants are beautiful and are sent directly to you. • Use household items as pots. Things like coffee mugs and bowls can be pots for succulents. • Pots are the most expensive part of plant ownership. Buy them at a discount store for cheap, like TJ Maxx or a thrift shop. • Propogate. Nothing cheaper than getting plants from the plants you already have! Snip new growth at the connection point and place in a glass of water for a few weeks until new roots grow.