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a cartoon man is talking to a bird with a speech bubble above his head that says,'mira mama un twitter '
Imagenes Divertidas para Enviar o Compartir por Whatsapp
Este gráfico me pareció muy atractivo y gracioso, trata el estereotipo sobre los niños y como han sido absorbidos por las redes, al punto de reconocer a las cosas por su relación con la tecnología y no como lo que verdaderamente son. #compartirvideos #watsappss #imagenesdivertidas
an image of some sort of artwork that looks like it has been created in photoshopped
a cartoon depicting a doctor talking to a patient
Humor gráfico
an animated video game with multiple screens showing the same scenes as people in different rooms
Los hijos de los superhéroes
Superheroes' babies. Find Batman's ---Los hijos de los superhéroes. Encuentra al de Batman #humor #risa
a cat wearing a hat with the caption'que ta chendo? '
Imagenes Divertidas para Enviar o Compartir por Whatsapp
Mucho frio! #compartirvideos #felizcumple #imagenesdivertidas
an ad for the campaign we are not old, we are recyclied teenagers
Aunty Acid!
a drawing of a woman with her hair blowing in the wind
Quedamos poquisimas
a drawing of a girl in a purple dress and hat holding a red purse with her right hand
Montón de sueños
an old woman riding a bike with flowers on the back and words written in english
Color Esperanza
You only live once. Enjoy the ride!
an older woman holding a purple towel with the word censored on it,
an older woman with pink hair is holding her finger up in front of the words, be careful who you trust
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an image of a woman driving a car with the words honk if you love jesus text while driving if you want to meet him
Very Funny Bumper Stickers - Mandatory
Very Funny Bumper Stickers - Mandatory
an old cartoon is shown with the caption'no sera hempoo el mundo si las bibliotas fueran mas importantes que los banos '
a poster with different things in spanish and english
Agustina Guerrero
Día del Libro. Agustina Guerrero