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the light fixture is made from wood and has metal bars on each end, along with leds
Industrial/New York style dining room
two pictures showing the inside and outside of a wooden box with lights on it, one in
Best and Easy Ideas for Wood Pallet Repurposing
This image will show you out the taste of the wood pallet lamp creation where the outside portion of the lamp has been infused with the wood pallet use. Inside area would be customized with the lightening effect that brings out a catchier impression.
a wooden object with woven design on the front and sides, attached to a charger
bamboo lamps
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four different views of some kind of light fixture that is made out of cardboard boxes
Faça vc mesmo e embeleze sua casa - Simples Decoração
luminaria-papelao Mais
many different types of lamps are shown in this image, including one light fixture and the other
15 DIY Cardboard Crafts In Your Decor | Home Design And Interior
three different pictures with some glass vases in the middle and one is being held by someone's hand
Decorar un salón ampliándolo con una cortina
Make A Garden Chandelier From Mason Jars http://theownerbuildernetwork.co/bxh3 Light up your yard with this DIY garden chandelier! This also makes a perfect lighting idea for those who don’t have the option of installing a fixture. And when you’re done, you can remove them and store until next time.
several pictures of different colored bowls hanging from the ceiling and in front of a wooden table
Lámpara con cuerda
Lámpara con cuerda - Vía diynetwork.com
the light fixture is made out of paper flowers
luminaria de fundo de garrafas pet
two pictures with different colored glass objects on the table and in front of them, there are
DIY Garden Treasure Jars Garden Ideas, Jars Gardening, Treasure Jar, Gardening
several pictures of different bowls and plates with wire wrapped around them
Kendinyapsana.com , El İşleri Ve Örgü Modelleri - En Güzel Oyalar, Dantel, Lif Modelleri örnekleri Için
some kind of light that is made out of bamboo sticks and lights are hanging from the ceiling
there are two different views of the same room
Lámpara colgante random light
Lámpara colgante random light
a glass ball with green leaves on it
balloon glue art | Overlap leaves covered in glue on a balloon , pop balloon when dry .
the steps to make an origami paper sculpture with scissors and glue on it
four different pictures show the process of making hats with yarn and scissors, including an ornament
How to Make Designer Paper Yarn Lamp - DIY & Crafts - Handimania
Designer Paper Yarn Lamp