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a close up of an envelope with a rubber stamp on it and a wax seal
two envelopes with red ink on them and an address stamp that reads from kleene, 13 bsl 9th
Custom Rubber Stamps are Back!
a rubber stamp with a rabbit on it next to an envelope that says, the land is
Return Address Rabbit Stamp | Salt & Paper
A rabbit return address stamp with your address on it. Embellish beautiful envelopes with this hand carved stamp, and show the world that you have style. Please note that the font is not changeable, this is my hand writing and is the easiest for me to carve. Also note that LONG names or address may require making the stamp larger, try to condense as much as possible (ie. THE MILLERS instead of Jane and Peter Miller. And abbreviated province/state names, and street suffixes) *** INCLUDES *** - A
two photos side by side, one with scissors and the other with paper cut outs
Blind Embossing, or printing without ink - The Curious Printmaker
Blind Embossing, or printing without ink - The Curious Printmaker
a piece of paper sitting on top of a table next to a bowl and spoon
A Silent Repair
Inspiration The raised lines of 'A Silent Repair' kintsugi print emulate the texture of actual cracks repaired with laquer. This blind embossed bowl print creates an undulating design on cotton paper without ink. The raised texture lends dimensionality and visual interest, subtly highlighted by shadows that shift with the light. The 24ct gold embellishments glint as the sunlight changes. The tactile quality and singular variations contribute to its understated, timeless beauty and its lack of co
a person is using a pencil to draw something on top of a piece of paper
Blind Embossing with Lino
some type of stamp that is on top of a piece of paper and it has been cut
Blind Embossing: lino printing without inks, in Derbyshire
some pink and black flowers are on a wooden table next to two rubber stamps, one with a flower
three pieces of paper with red, white and blue designs on them
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