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two glasses filled with red wine and garnished with rosemary sprigs next to christmas decorations
Winter Aperol Spritz Cocktail - A Winter Aperol Spritz
two martinis sitting on top of a black tray
New Years Passion
three glasses filled with yellow liquid sitting on top of a table next to a candle
Applepie martini
five different types of drinks lined up on a bar top with ice and limes
Sveriges bästa Gin & Tonic – du får recepten | ELLE
two glasses filled with liquid next to an apple and cinnamon on a table near christmas decorations
a glass filled with liquid sitting on top of a wooden table next to white flowers
Fläder sour - Godaste välkomstdrinken | Catarina König
two glasses filled with orange juice and garnished with rosemary
Juldrink - Clementinbubbel
four wine glasses filled with yellow liquid and lit candles in the background on a table
Ny favoritdrink - Frozen Apple Martini
someone is pouring something into a glass with lemons on the table next to it
4 vintercocktails – med och utan alkohol | ELLE