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a woman holding two books in her hands with the caption you talked about laufy exactly 985, 422 times do you ever shut the book up?
no :3
three different cartoon images with one being a man and the other is a woman on a motorcycle
水面 れたすだと思う on Twitter
a white coffee cup with words written in spanish on the side and below it is an image of a mug that says, i shh ya caasi
20 Cosas que sólo las chicas que odian levantarse temprano podrán entender
taza de café niveles
a red stop sign sitting on the side of a building
the words in spanish are written on white paper
Memes - Memes 33
#wattpad #humor Aquí subiré lo que se me de la gana. Pero sobre todo memes. subiré 2 o 3 memes.
the words are written in spanish and english, which means that there is no music
two people are talking to each other with thumbs up and one has an empty thought bubble above their head
a cat is cooking on the stove with carrots and sausage in front of him
Ps, Phrase, Trauma, Meme, Lobos
a white kitten sitting on top of a bed
the words are in spanish and there is an image of a man's face
I Hate Math, I Laughed, Hate
a cartoon character sitting on top of a couch with the caption'peso si solo les diee como me senta '