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an old black and white photo of some people
A rare picture of the #kabah #Mecca
an aerial view of the grand mosque and surrounding buildings in the old city, with people walking around
Old Monuments (1) - New Sacred Kaaba. Mecca [Superstudio. Dalla serie Il Monumento Continuo - New Sacred Kaaba]
an old black and white photo of many domes in the desert with people standing around them
100 Years old Makkah
an aerial view of a village in the desert
Kisah Nabi Ibrahim dan Nabi Ismail - Al Hidayat Karpet
an old black and white photo with the words roze - e - hazzat hamza before distruction
المدينة المنورة(ج2)
an old photo of some people standing in front of a building with arches and pillars
an old black and white photo of a clock tower
an aerial view of the old city with lots of buildings and people standing around it
an old black and white photo of a city
The Architecture and History of the Kaaba
a large group of people standing around a stage
an old photo of people standing in the water near a large building that is surrounded by snow
Rare and Unseen images of Holy Kaaba and Prophet's Mosque (Masjid Al-Nabwi)
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