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DIY Magnetic Balls and Rod Set
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🎆 Di-Octo・Anthony Howe A colourful version of the artist's kinetic artwork Di-Octo. Anthony Howe is a highly renowned artist that produces metallic, kinetic sculptures. A kinetic artwork is defined by having movement that can be easily perceived its audience. This movement is dependent on motion, since it's a physical piece. Howe's artworks move to the wind, creating ever changing hypnotic shapes. Credits : ・⁠ ・⁠ ・⁠ #anthonyhowe #kineticart #newmediaart #36degres
a drawing of a horse's head is shown
Hihetetlenül magas az IQ-d, ha észreveszed a második állatot a képen
an oil painting of two men with long blonde hair and one wearing a white robe
Look again, there's more than initially meets the eye: The intricate oil paintings that hide remarkable double images
John Lennon - look closely
Exclusive Custom Made Silver Mirror Ballerina Costume _M133
two people standing next to each other in front of a painting
Amazing Optical Illusion Paintings Blow Our Mind (PHOTOS)