Garden Gnomes

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two garden gnomes are sitting on the ground
a garden gnome with a wind chime in his hand and holding a fishing rod
a garden gnome with a stick and dog statue next to a tree trunk in the grass
a statue of a gnome holding a leaf
Gnome Bird Feeder | Unique Bird Feeders | Gnome Garden Ornaments
two gnomes are sitting in the snow and one is holding a cell phone
Look what I found on #zulily! Selfie Gnome Statue #zulilyfinds
a garden gnome with glasses and a red hat sitting on top of a planter
Enjoying a sweet life sugar free! | TheSugarFreeDiva
The Ohm Gnome (Smiles and Serenity for Your Home Or Garden)--Best Gnomes for the Garden
black and white photograph of a gnome holding a sign that says go away on it
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mean gnome
a gnome figurine with a basket and bucket
Rien poortvliet 15 INCH Garden gnome, Gnome Figurine, Klaus Wickl, Gnome. | eBay
two small gnomes sitting on top of a rock
Contented Garden Gnomes - Set of 2
a gnome holding a red object in his hand
Measures approximately 2 1/2 inches tall
a figurine of a man laying in a hammock with mushrooms on the ground
Slumbering Hammock Garden Gnome
Slumbering Hammock Garden Gnome. Decorative eclectic poly-resin "Slumbering Hammock" garden gnome yard art. This unique garden gnome will look like a piece of art in your front or backyard.