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Alfmega marin: Google+ - Llueve.. y el agua disuelve las horas presentes en pasadas…
purple and blue flowers are growing in a window sill on the side of a building
Alsace window and flowers...
Window garden~
an old wooden door with graffiti painted on it's walls and stone steps leading up to the doorway
Foto's Rajasthan
Rosamaria G Frangini | Architecture Doors | Old door made in Rajasthan.
an old window with wooden shutters on a stone wall
Charmeuse | Marie | Flickr
an old wooden door with blue paint on it
an old brick wall with a window in it
Scratchbuilt by Marcel Ackle, 1/35 scale - WIP .... chicken coop
an old building with a blue door and brick walkway
Now ...
an old wooden door with iron handles and a sign that says the ark on it
☽ Under the Spell ☾
an old building with a wooden door and window frame in the middle of it's rubble
Abandoned house door by Israel Zapata / 500px
From Castil, Soria.
an old wooden door with wrought iron bars on the side of a stone building in europe
Ancient weathered d - October 08 2018 at 08:34AM
a painting of an old wooden door on a stone wall with brick floor and walls
Vintage gate
an old brick building with a broken door
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