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a red and white embroidery design of a rooster with flowers on it's tail
A Country Hens & Roosters (Redwork) Design Pack - Lg
Country Hen III (Redwork)
a drawing of a rooster is shown on a piece of paper
Block #13 - Rooster (lasassone) Tags: embroidery rooster redwork rubymckim farmquilt
a red and white quilted wall hanging with a church in the snow on it
Christmas Eve Wall Quilt
Free Redwork Quilt Patterns | ... Free Projects and Ideas. Christmas Eve Wall Quilt with redwork
a drawing of a cat with red lines on it
Country Kitty (Redwork)
Country Kitty (Redwork) embroider on one of my bags?
a red and white ornament sitting on top of a table next to candy canes
Χριστούγεννιάτικα projects
Really pretty redwork star ornament :)
an embroidered heart with birds and flowers in the shape of a heart on a white background
a heart shaped pillow with a rooster on it
amour de poule - Love the red-work and the embellishments on the sides of the heart.
a black and white drawing of flowers with the words,'november 29'in it
vintage flowers embroidery or redwork september
a vase filled with flowers and the word january
vintage flowers embroidery or redwork January
a drawing of a chicken sitting on top of a cloud
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a rooster is standing in the grass
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