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an ice cream cone with cats on it and some icing in the shape of waffles
a set of stone steps leading up to the top of a hill with trees in the background
Cerro El Volador - Medellín
a person standing on a wooden walkway in the middle of a forest with candles lit up
A Treehouse Night at the Lion Sands Private Game Reserve • TravelPlusStyle
Atalaya para mirar el lago y volcán.
an outdoor patio with potted plants and flowers on the side walk next to it
Natursteinbeläge von greenteam Gartengestaltung Mehr #gardenPaths
there are many different pictures of the same area in this photo, and one is showing what it looks like
10 Design Ideas For Amazing DIY Garden Pathways
Garden paths have important practical functions; they define the different zones of your garden and help you get from one point to another in the easiest way possible. Pathways don’t have to be just practical; with a little effort they can create the desired mood or set the atmosphere of your garden. While designing your garden you’ll need to make a number of important decisions regarding the shape, dimensions and materials of the pathways. To help you with this, we brought to you 10 easy cre...