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a metal trash can sitting in the grass
10 Usos para el Tambor de la Lavadora
an old tire turned into a fire pit with some tires around it and another photo of the rim
an outdoor fire pit made out of bricks
How to Be Creative with Stone Fire Pit Designs: Backyard DIY
an outdoor oven made out of wood and cement
Horno hecho con tambo de 200 litros
an image of a diagram of a brick oven with labels on the front and side
Construcción de Horno chileno en barro
an object is shown on the ground near water
Aprende cómo armar una estufa para cocinar con bloques de cemento
an architectural drawing of a fireplace and its components
Concrete block rocket stove – Yet Another Unitarian Universalist
there is a small fire in the ground
"Smokeless" fire