buenas noches

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a coffee cup and saucer next to a scroll with the words feliz noche written on it
santa claus is flying through the air with reindeers
a cup of coffee sitting on top of a wooden table next to christmas ornaments and a lantern
a white cat with its head on the back of it's body, and text that reads ya me dio shuelito
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a table topped with a bowl of fruit next to a basket of flowers
Feliz Tarde☕️🌸🦋
a painting of pink roses in a tea cup and saucer with the words holla on it
Linda Tarde 🌷☕
a red flower sitting on top of a table next to a blue background with the words, que tengas exociente tarde
Natural Remedies, Ejercicio, Salud, Vitiligo Treatment, Remedies, Vicks Vaporub, Medicine, Vicks, Herbal Remedies
SI TE MOLESTA EL TALÓN POR LAS MAÑANAS AL CAMINAR, ESTO ES LO QUE LE ESTÁ SUCEDIENDO A TU | Dolor de los nervios, Dolor de pies, Dolor en la rodilla
a child laying in a hammock surrounded by stuffed animals and flowers with the words, que tengas dulces suees suen y un belo despertar
a blue violin with a yellow rose on it's back and the words nunca te duermas sin un sueno written in spanish
Edurne Ugarte D02
the words in spanish are written above pink flowers and green leaves with a full moon behind them