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Favorite Candles for great ambiance and private spa moments at home
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L'or de Seraphine Bloomingdale's Flagship Medium Ceramic Candle 6.4 oz - 100% Exclusive
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Clay • No. 4
No. 4 is a sophisticated blend that will give your space that certain je ne sais quoi.Palo Santo with vintage green notes.Designed, crafted, and poured by our hands in extra small batches. We mix recycled craftsman cement dust, and natural earth pigments sourced from Morocco and France.Once the vessels are cured from a non-toxic sealer, 18 oz of natural soy wax and our chemical-free signature fragrance oils are poured.Soot free 90+ hour burn time if wick is trimmed to 1/8th inch every 3 to 4 ...
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Tranquil | Pear + Cashmere + Musk + Vanilla
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6 Genius Little Ways I Repurpose Used Candle Jars
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Zodiac Candles- Zodiac Sign Candles With Matching Scent | Prosperity Candle
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Personalized Cement Candle Handmade Soy Candles for Room Decor Concrete Container Unique Candle Concrete Candle Gift Set - Etsy
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Mindfulness Collection, All is Calm Ceramic Candle ,Cerulean Sea, XL ,10"x3"
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SANTAL 26 | Large Concrete Candle
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Le Labo no colour Santal 26 Classic Candle (245g) | Harrods UK
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Patchouli Sweetgrass– Standard Candle