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an image of two men standing in front of a giant monster
Welcome Home, Good Hunter - gaming post
Welcome Home, Good Hunter - Album on Imgur
a horse that is standing on its hind legs in the air with flames coming out of it
Darksiders - Concept Art (Joe Madureira) - Darksiders
a man standing on top of a bridge next to a tall tower with a light at the end
a person standing on top of a mountain with a guitar in their hand and clouds behind them
- Aloy above the Sea of Fog - Thought this @guerrillagames masterpiece needed a crossover with a masterpiece of Romanticism
a man standing in front of a giant object with a light coming out of it
Art of Dark Souls
al final del laberinto, frente al umbral de la violeta
a person standing in the middle of a forest next to a giant monster like creature
Zero Dawn by TacoSauceNinja on DeviantArt
Zero Dawn by TacoSauceNinja
a woman kneeling down in the grass next to some trees and birds flying over her
two different views of the same video game