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15 Must Have JavaScript Tools For Developers Web Development, Programming, Computer Science, The Client, Interview Questions, Fast Growing, Software Development, Get Started, Portal
15 Must Have JavaScript Tools For Developers
As per the latest reports, more than 97% of the websites use JavaScript on the client side and more than 15 million software developers who use JavaScript. JavaScript is embedded with various tools such as IDEs, Frameworks, and Libraries. In this blog, we will discuss 15 must-have JavaScript Tools for Developers. So let’s get started. #GeeksforGeeks #JavaScript #Webdevelopment #softwaredevelopers #softwaredevelopment
JDK 17 – New Features in Java 17 The Oracle, Java, Interview, Geek Stuff, Tech Company Logos
JDK 17 – New Features in Java 17
With every release, we do see new functionalities while keeping a check some of them getting altered or wiped off. JDK 17 binaries are free to use in production and free to redistribute, at no cost, under the Oracle No-Fee Terms and Conditions License, where LTS stands for long-term support. #GeeksforGeeks #JavaDevelopment #JavaDeveloper #JDK17 #JDK17Binaries
Python In-Built Functions You Should Know
Python In-Built Functions You Should Know According to research, there were approximately 10 million Python developers in 2020 worldwide and the count is increasing day by day. It provides ease in building- • plethora of applications, • web development processes, and a lot more. Using in-built functions in a program makes it beneficial in many ways such as: • Makes it less complex. • Enhances readability. • Reduces coding time and, • Debugging time. In python 3, we have 68 in-built functions, here in this article, we have listed some of them that you should definitely look at. Link to the article:
the roadmap to learn how to use js in web design and development
Roadmap to Learn JavaScript for Beginners
JavaScript is the king that rules the world, it runs everywhere and is indeed an amazing language. According to Stack Overflow, it is the most popular programming language and is being on top of the list for 7 years. Using JavaScript you can build interactive websites, the best example being Google Maps. The most beneficial factor is JavaScript can be used as: • front-end and • back-end language The most popular MNCs that hire JavaScript developers are: • Google, • Netflix, • Walmart, • Microsoft, etc. Now, when there’s a much-talk about JavaScript, let’s know what it is. Read more here:
Most Common Mistakes That Java Developers Make Java Programming Tutorials, Smartphone Printer, Coding Tutorials, Programming Tutorial, Java Programming
Most Common Mistakes That Java Developers Make
Learning Java is no different task and thus it can also be excelled with time and with the right resources. No matter how better a programmer you are, it is always necessary to make some mistakes. That’s why we came up with this article to highlight the 10 most common mistakes that every developer makes during their coding life and it might give you some clarity on how to avoid those mistakes. Let’s check them out one-by-one. #GeeksforGeeks #Javadevelopers #Javadevelopment #programmingskills
Reasons Why You Should Pick TypeScript Over JavaScript Allianz Logo, Microsoft
Reasons Why You Should Pick TypeScript Over JavaScript
TypeScript is the new JavaScript. TypeScript, which is the superset of JavaScript has achieved a surge and is becoming the go-to language for the development of every large application. Even tech giants like Microsoft and Accenture are migrating toward TypeScript because of its functionalities and features. Let's look at the top reasons why you should pick TypeScript Over Javascript. #GeeksforGeeks #JavaScript #JavaScriptTips #TypeScript
Tips to Help You Stand Out as a Java Developer Can Ring, Java Developer, Basic Questions, Java Programming Language, Study Schedule, Simple Quotes
Tips to Help You Stand Out as a Java Developer
When the world is witnessing the immersive expansion in the field of technology, Java has been consistently playing one-sided games in programming. There are some of the basic questions that can ring bells in your mind whenever you give a thought to “Java Programming”. We came up with the 7 best tips to help You Stand Out as a Java Developer so make sure you’re making a tight follow-up on this. So, let’s begin. #GeeksforGeeks #TechnologyTrends #JavaDeveloper #JavaDevelopment #JavaTips
How to Contribute to Open Source Projects on GitHub? Software Projects, Open Source Projects, Clear Your Mind, Open Source
How to Contribute to Open Source Projects on GitHub?
What is open-source? How you can get started with open source? Well, this article is going to clear your mind and help you understand as how you can contribute to open source projects on GitHub. So, let's get right into it. #GeeksforGeeks #OpenSourceProjects #OpenSourceSoftware #GitHub #SkillUp
Creating Snake Game in Java Snake Games, Snake Game, Game Dev, Game Development, Game Design
Creating Snake Game in Java
In our childhood, we all played snake games, right? Well, let's learn to create one with this video. This video covers the design of a basic snake game and the functionalities like moving it in different directions, generating food in intervals, and snake crossing itself leading to the game over. Go to the link and let's start from scratch. #GeeksforGeeks #SnakeGame #Java #JavaProgramming #gamedesign #gamedev #gamedevelopment
Top 50 Java Project Ideas For Beginners & Advanced Java Projects, Learning Journey, Top 50, Project Ideas, To Read, Fuel
Top 50 Java Project Ideas For Beginners & Advanced
Aspiring to build amazing applications using Java? Well, with this article, you can explore some amazing Java projects starting from beginner level, intermediate to advanced level which you can use in your college for projects. To read more, go to the link. #GeeksforGeeks #Java #Projects #ProjectsIdeas #Javaprogramming #Javaprojects #Javadevelopers #JavaDevelopment
Best Practices to Write Clean Python Code Python Automation Projects, Software Engineer Gifts, Projets Raspberry Pi, Make A Video Game, Coding Quotes, Python Code, Basic Computer Programming, Web Development Programming, Coding For Beginners
Best Practices to Write Clean Python Code
Python is used extensively across various domains like web development through popular frameworks like Django and Flask, web scraping, automation, DevOps, artificial intelligence, and a lot more. The sole purpose of this article is to give a better idea of the best practices for writing a clean Python code as it is easier to read and understand, debug, and elegant. So let’s get started! #GeeksforGeeks #PythonProgramming #PythonProgrammer #ProgrammingPractices
ToDo List Application in Django Todo App, Todo List, Excel Spreadsheets, Email List, High Level, To Do
ToDo List Application in Django
With the advancement of technology, we can now make to-do lists using excel spreadsheets, word documents, email lists, to-do list applications, Microsoft to do, and Google to-do lists, to mention a few. In this video, we'll be creating our own TODO App using the Django, a high-level Python framework. So, let's get started. #GeeksforGeeks #python #pythondjango #django #todo #todolist
Must Have IntelliJ IDEA Plugins For Java Developers Computer Programming, Intellij Idea, Learn Java, Pl Sql, Learn Computer, Learn Computer Coding, Computer Coding, Syntax
Must-Have IntelliJ IDEA Plugins For Java Developers
IntelliJ IDEA is one of the popular IDEs for programming in Java. There are various plugins that we can install in our IntelliJ IDEA IDE to make things easier. With this blog, let's look at the must-have IntelliJ Idea Plugins for Java Developers. #GeeksforGeeks #Java #JavaDevelopers #JavaDevelopment #IntelliJ #JavaPlugins
Reasons to Choose Java Javascript Cheat Sheet, Cheat Sheet, Cheat Sheets, News Release, Go Ahead
Reasons to Choose Java
If you are looking to develop your programmatic skills, then you should check out the reasons, we have listed below for you to know why you can go ahead with Java. Watch the full video, and start learning today. #GeeksforGeeks #Java #JavaDevelopers #JavaDevelopment #LearnJava #JavaProgramming