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an image of snow falling on the ground
Bianca | Watercolor on Instagram: "Paint 12 Holiday Cards in watercolor with me. 🎄 watch the full class- join me on Skillshare ✨ comment “Gift” to get the link 🎁 . . #watercolor #christmas #holidaycards #watercolortutorial #skillshare #watercolorpainting"
green christmas trees made out of candy sticks
chocolate pretzel trees! | Sheri Silver - living a well-tended life... at any age
three red boxes with green bows and beaded trims on white paper, each wrapped in ribbon
Marta Lapkowska on Instagram: "How cute are those ? Painting Gifts BEST Trick! 🎁 Learn how to paint EASY watercolor card for Christmas! Perfect painting idea for beginners, kids - no experience needed! Do you like stamping ideas with toilet paper rolls ??? 🔹 --- Doodling ✏️ and Glitter 🪩 ✨- is your answer! ---🔹 No matter how wobbly your design is, how uneven everything looks during the painting process, wait till you finish! 🔸Adding your finishing touches of doodles ✍️🖊️ and bling bring the whole design to live! 🔸 If you are a beginner in watercolors and are not sure how to start... Then just start, start small, simple and try this doodling hack. Your painting will instantly draw attention and look way better, I promise ⭐ 🎨 Watercolors - use any you own 🖊️ Best for doodles - @pilo
a piece of fabric is hanging on the wall next to a sewing needle and scissors
Garima Srivastava | Watercolor Illustration Educator on Instagram: "Leafy Christmas tree Come paint holiday gift tags, greeting cards and wall art to gift your family and friends with my @skillshare class “Winter Watercolor Illustration: 7 Festive Holiday Painting Projects” (link in my bio and stories) . . . . . . . . #christmastreeinspo #christmasreels #christmasinspiration #christmastree #christmasinspo #christmasdecorations #christmasdecor #christmasgifts #christmasgiftideas #christmasgreetings #christmasgiftwrapping #giftwrapping #gifttagswithstyle #christmasgoals #diychristmasgifts #diygifts #creativechristmas #watercolorchristmas #watercolorchristmasgift #greetingcard #holidaygreetings #watercolorartist"
a mouse figurine with a green scarf around it's neck holding a red present
10 DIY wine cork Christmas decoration ideas - La Mancha Wines
two blue christmas trees sitting on top of a table
Christmas Decorations | Everything You Need
a green stuffed animal sitting on top of a pine cone and holding two wooden sticks
three wooden birdhouses decorated with greenery and red berries hanging from twine strings
three different colored christmas trees sitting next to each other
How to Make a Budget-Friendly String Christmas Tree
the instructions to make a christmas tree out of yarn are shown in three different pictures