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a long hallway with lots of windows and yellow seats on the walls, along with arrows pointing in different directions
9h - nine hours capsule hotel - Kyoto
9h hours capsule hotel - Kyoto
a long narrow hallway with white walls and bright yellow flooring, leading to two children's beds
10 Albergues 2.0: la suma alojamiento, comodidad y diseño puede ser igual a buen precio. -
there are many beds in the room with numbers on them
japanese bunk hotel pods
the interior of a futuristic building with wood accents
My Cocoon, el hostal boutique de Omniview en el archipelago griego
the inside of an airplane with beds and lamps on each side of the aisles
There's A Bus That Takes You Directly From LA to SF, So We Obviously Tried It
a man laying on top of a bunk bed in a room filled with other beds
Japan’s Capsule Hotels Go High Tech and High Style (Published 2011)
two people sitting in a small room with bunk beds and laptops on their laps
Sleepbox: Innovation & Design for your sleep
Sleepbox: Innovation