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Galentine's Day Party Candles | DIY GALENTINE'S PARTY IDEAS! | Galentine's Day Gift Idea | Party
These cuties are for a Galentine Party next weekend! I had so much fun making these and they are all 100% soy wax! The sprinkles are baking grade and will melt along with the wax and the glitter is biodegradable vegan and will burn with candle as well. The smell like cup cakes of course! If you would like to check out my candle collection the direct link is on my profile!
Classic Handmade Christmas Candles - Festive Gifts for the Holiday Season
many different colored candles are on the table
Gada hosari
cupcakes and candles are arranged on a table
غاده حصري
there are many flowers in the box on the table and one is pink, purple, and blue
غاده حصري
a gift box filled with assorted candies and spoons in the shape of a basket
غاده حصري
a basket filled with assorted candies on top of a wooden table next to a white ribbon
غاده حصري
a basket filled with lots of different types of candies
غاده حصري
a basket filled with lots of different types of flowers next to a silver ornament
غاده خصري