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Eye Beautiful Makeup & Tutorial de tu delineadooo
Get to see the life on the oldest daughter of Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West. We see how she can balance relationships, her career, family, teenage life and the celebrity life. Being a rappers girlfriend. Being the oldest daughter of the well known couple. Will she crack under pressure? Will she live her best life? Does she get to have her know family? WE WILL SEE IN... BEING KIM KARDASHIAN WEST'S DAUGHTER ( LIL MOSEY FANFICTION ) Kadeřnické Trendy, Vlasové Trendy, Hair Stylies, Hair Stylist Life, Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair, Quick Hairstyles, Hair Inspo Color, Aesthetic Hair
Being Kim Kardashian West's daughter ( Lil mosey fanfiction) On Hold
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