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an empty restaurant with tables and chairs in front of the glass door that says d4 4
La 44 – hamburguesería | homify
La 44 - Hamburguesería: Espacios comerciales de estilo por Taller La Semilla
an empty restaurant with wooden tables and black chairs
Decoración restaurantes modernos
Galeria de Mais! Bistrô Impermanente / Syndrome - 16
an empty restaurant with wooden tables and bar stools in the center, along with industrial lighting
a row of bar stools sitting in front of a wooden counter
Barra Bar Arrime 100x49x100cm Madera Reciclada Mostrador B03 - $ 14.000,00 en Mercado Libre
two mirrors are next to each other in a room with wood floors and blue walls
Baiser Bar - Xanthi, Greece - The Cool Hunter Journal
Baiser is a bar that has done brisk business for a decade in Xanthi in north-eastern Greece. When the owner approached Tessaloniki-based architect, Minas Kosmidis all those years ago, Kosmidis did his well-known eclectic, funky, semi-cluttered magic and the bar was off to a great start. Now, 10 years later, the owner went back to …