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a red dragon sitting next to a man on top of a desert covered with sand
ming85: Been rewatching Avatar and still have so much love for...
a digital painting of a woman holding her hands together
Katara, of the Southern Water Tribe by TeaInK on DeviantArt
the hands are drawn in different ways
How to draw hand video tutorial
Drawing hands. This looks so helpful.
a woman's profile is shown with lines and circles
The New Kitchen Arbor at Glassell Park Elementary
The Golden Ratio
the steps to draw an eye with different angles and shapes for each individual's eyes
How to draw eyes from the side – 10 steps | RapidFireArt
Tutorial: How to Draw an Eye from the Side
two female mannequins are shown in black and white
a drawing of two women standing next to each other in front of a white background
an image of the back and side view of a man's chest with arrows pointing to
Redirect Notice
Cool this will totally help! :D
Toph artwork Avatar, Art, Toph Beifong
Legendary by c-dra on DeviantArt
Toph artwork
a woman sitting under an umbrella on top of a table next to a wallpaper
fucked up clown
avatar, La leyenda de Aang
a painting of a person sitting in the middle of a narrow road with their arms outstretched
Toph by lychi on DeviantArt
Maestra Tierra Control