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a green and black dress is on display in a room with wood floors, lights and a trash can
a mannequin with an orange dress on it's head and fringes
a woman in a blue dress posing for the camera
Liza Aibova on Instagram: “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible💙”
a mannequin with purple fringes on it's head and neck, sitting on a black stand
new rhythm & latin — DORÉ DESIGNS
Before and after decorating! 🪄✨💗 Dress by #petrapolak #petradesigns
a drawing of a woman in a pink leotard with feathers on her back
two mannequins with blue and white bras on display in front of a white wall
two mannequins with black and gold bra tops on display next to each other
a woman in a blue dress dancing on a wooden floor
the dress is made up of red sequins and has cutouts on it