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four anime characters with pink hair and blue eyes looking at the same person in front of them
Sukuna & Yuji 👀
two people sitting next to each other on a couch with their arms in the air
Comics, Anime Crossover, Anime Character Design
a drawing of a cartoon character with green hair and blue eyes holding his hands up in the air
three people sitting at a picnic table eating food
jujutsu kaisen manga coloring
an anime character with black hair wearing a purple scarf
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a drawing of a man holding a rose in his hand
Choso Kamo | Jujustu Kaisen
#jjk #jujutsukaisen
an ink drawing of a man with spiked hair
choso l jujutsu kaisen
an anime character with black hair and eyes
Choso Oni chaan JJK Cute Sticker
two anime characters one with pink hair and the other black
three people are sitting on the floor and one person is taking a photo with his cell phone
an anime character with white hair and fangs on his face, in front of a red and yellow background
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☆ art by Gege Akutami ☆
an anime character holding a basketball ball in his right hand and another person reaching for it
Yuuji || icons - wiarewish93