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a woman's hand holding onto her green and gray sweater
there are many books and papers on the table
I need this in my life and I'm not even a student XD
several different images of people using laptops and writing on notebooks with marker pens
Brilliant Weekly Scheduler
Let me explain why it’s called Brilliant. First, the weekday has spacious area for your plans while the weekend sections are given smaller spaces making the scheduler perfect for organizing times at work or in school. Second, there is wide grid note on back of each pages for jotting down anything you want! Lastly, the coolest part! This scheduler features a paper tripod used to stand the scheduler which allows you to easily check the plans at glance. Find more brilliant features at MochiThings.
the instagram page shows an image of pencils and pens in a mini fridge
20 Curiosidades bonitas que harían más felices tus días en la escuela
Cartuchera pequeña Más
several different types of keys are shown in this collage
Orbitkey Is The Better Way To Carry Your Keys - GetdatGadget
Orbitkey uses a locking mechanism that holds your keys together eliminating any rattling and stopping them from ruining your pockets or the inside of your bag.
there are three different pictures of food being put in the microwave and placed on top of each other
colorful cooking#kitchen gadgets#
an octopus sculpture holding two cups on it's back legs, with a green toothbrush in its mouth
Kitchen Racks & Holders for Sale - eBay
Nautical Octopus Small Tea Mug Cup Jewelry Holder Figurine,7.5''H. #Handmade
a red mixer sitting on top of a counter next to a rack with paint rollers
Small Kitchen Organization (On a Budget!) • The Budget Decorator
*Make a Magnetic Spice Rack | Click Pic for 25 DIY Small Apartment Decorating Ideas on a Budget | Organization Ideas for Small Spaces
two pencils and pen holders in the shape of hearts
DIY: leather case that opens to a heart
a star wars scene in a glass ball with moss and rocks on the table next to it
Star Wars terrariums bring a little piece of Dagobah into your home
Star Wars terrariums bring a little piece of Dagobah into your home
two pictures of an upside down pan with a spoon in it
Loch Ness Ladle: So cute! - www.MyWonderList.com
a room filled with lots of books on top of a book shelf next to a doorway
Wall of Words
an advertisement for some kind of cell phone with different colors and shapes on the screen
Tortoise Silicone Stand Earphone Wrap