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a large metal predator standing on top of a wooden pallet
55 Of The Most Creative Scrap Metal Sculptures
a black sculpture is standing in the middle of a wood floor
Alex Pinna, Heroes M, 2015, bronzo patinato, 40 x 210 x 115 cm #contemporary #ar…
a bronze sculpture of a flower on a black stand against a white wall in a room
Loes Knoben - Escultora Holandesa
a small buddha statue sitting on top of a cement slab in front of some plants
Pure Reiki Healing
a stone statue of a woman holding a baby in her arms with grass behind it
Pure Reiki Healing
a carton filled with lots of brown plastic head heads on top of each other
a bronze sculpture sitting on top of a black table
Sculptor: Sharon Loper - sculpture: Isolation -
an image of a mother and child statue on the side of a wall with words above it
a bronze statue of a woman leaning forward
The World In Their Art
an image of a sculpture that is on the wall
Matteo Pugliese.
a statue sitting on top of a wooden bench next to a park filled with green grass
Albert Gyorgy, ‘El vacío del alma’
a sculpture of a person holding a box
a sculpture of a man with a block on his head sitting on a piece of wood
MIRADAS 2 Escultura y más
MIRADAS 2 Escultura y más