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there are many different types of stereos in this room
two stereos are stacked on top of each other
Pioneer CT-959 Stereo Cassette Tape Deck (1990) . Pioneer CT-939 Stereo Cassette Tape Deck (1988) Vintage Audio Love
an advertisement for a radio with the words private on it's front and side
The Stereo Museum
a stereo system sitting on top of a wooden table next to a clock and other electronic equipment
Кассетный стерео магнитофон PIONEER CT-A1, катушечная дека, катушечный магнитофон, бобинный магнитофон, катушечник, винтаж аудио, Pioneer T-110, Pioneer QT – 6600, Pioneer QT – 74, Pioneer RT – 701, Pioneer RT - 707, Pioneer CT-A1, Pioneer RT-1011 L, Pioneer RT-1020, Pioneer RT-1020H, Pioneer RT-1020L, Pioneer RT-1050, Pioneer RT-2022, Pioneer RT-2044, vintage
a close up of an electronic device with buttons and controls on the front, in a dark room
an old stereo sitting on top of a table
a stack of electronic equipment sitting on top of a counter
MY Pionner- Full System | Pioneer Gallery | 2011-03-23 15:37
an old stereo with speakers on top of it
an old stereo system is stacked on top of each other
Really extra stuff :-)
an old stereo with two different types of speakers on it's sides and the same type of receiver
CLASSIC amplifiers
CLASSIC amplifiers presented by 1001 Hi-Fi - The Stereo Museum
there are many speakers on top of each other
a stack of electronics sitting on top of each other in front of a flat screen tv
an old stereo system is stacked on top of each other
an advertisement for a stereo system with two knobs on the front and one in the back
PIONEER (1989)