Pavers can add a lot to a landscape. Whether used in walkways, for patios or as borders the variety of colors and shapes give a wide range of looks to fit any…
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a walkway made out of stones and gravel
Concrete Pavers!
Prefabricated 2'x2' concrete pavers are perfect for a clean looking pathway. We used 2"x4" pressure treated wood as "edging" along the right side to separate the smooth gravel from the grass. You don't want your lawn mower shooting rocks at your windows! 🌱
a small garden with grass and plants in the center, surrounded by stone walkways
Concrete Pavers!
an outdoor walkway is shown in the middle of a yard with flowers and shrubs on either side
an outdoor dining area with stone patio and pergolated seating areas on both sides | Home Design and Inspiration
an outdoor patio with benches and plants in the back ground, surrounded by greenery
49 Landscaping Ideas with Stone
an outdoor patio with chairs and table next to a shed in the back yard area
a stone walkway with potted plants and flowers on either side, in front of a brick building
Brett Paving-Manmade-Stamford Ultra-Charcoal-PAVING SLABS
a garden with white flowers and green grass
Create Formal Style in Your Landscape
a circular stone patio surrounded by greenery and potted plants
04 YEAR OLD TORTOISE ???? - Diy and Crafts
a cat sitting on top of a wooden bench next to a brick wall and planter
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