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te quiero😍😍
the sun shines brightly over water and red flowers
a bench sitting on top of a sandy beach next to the ocean at sun set
a hand holding the moon in front of a night sky with stars and clouds above it
two red hearts with the letters q and m coming out of them
two hearts holding an umbrella with the words feliz noche written on them
a white bag with red apples on it and the words un saco lieno de bessos para t
Besos y mas besos
two red hearts on a wooden table with a ribbon in the shape of a heart
a couple kissing each other with the caption in spanish
there is a heart shaped balloon flying in the sky with words written on it that read ruenas noches
a black and white photo with a red heart on the road in the middle of it
🥇 Imágenes De Amor Para Mi Novio Que Lo Amo Mucho CAF
Porque mí amor?, No hiciste nada malo mí pequeñito, lo siento cariño, recién pudimos pagar el internet, y estoy trabajando desde temprano y aún no termino mí vida, te extraño tanto, te amo