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Manga, Art And Illustration, Japanese Drawings, Chinese Art
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Miniature, Oriental, Buddha, Art
Japanese Traditional, Japanese, Japanese Patterns
Alejandra Lunik (@alejandralunik) / Twitter
Samurai, Saatchi, Japanese Edo Period
Narcissus (Suisen) (R), Winter Camellia (Fuyu tsubaki) (C), and Plum Blossoms in Cold (Kanbai) (L),
two women sitting on the ground in front of trees and flowers, one holding a fan
. . . Ukiyo - E Japanese Woodblock Print Unmounted. . . . .
Geishas, Asian Art, Artist, Japan Art, Traditional Art, Korean Art
Portrait, Chinese Folk Art
What Jane Saw: Photo
Chinese Artwork, Geisha Art
长安月 — Traditional Chinese fairy
Portraits, Chinese Painting, Chinese Fairy Tales, Eastern Art
Flowers, Inspiration, Ethereal Art, Japanese Inspired Art, Aesthetic Art, Artwork